For Immediate Release: Fastener Warehouse acquires Ridgeline Fasteners Ltd

Fastener Warehouse Announces Acquisition of Ridgeline Fasteners in Calgary, Alberta

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, January 2nd 2024 – Fastener Warehouse, a leading distributor of industrial fasteners, today announced the successful acquisition of Ridgeline Fasteners, a prominent fastener supplier based in Calgary, Alberta. This strategic move is poised to strengthen Fastener Warehouse’s market presence and expand its product offerings in the fastener industry.

The acquisition of Ridgeline Fasteners marks a significant milestone for Fastener Warehouse, as it reinforces the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled quality and service to its customers. The combined expertise and resources of both organizations will enhance the overall product portfolio and bolster the company’s ability to meet the evolving needs of the fastener market.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ridgeline Fasteners into the Fastener Warehouse family,” said Eric von Doellen , Operations Manager at Fastener Warehouse. “This strategic acquisition aligns with our long-term growth strategy and reaffirms our dedication to offering a comprehensive range of high-quality fasteners. Together, we will continue to provide exceptional value to our customers and partners.”

Ridgeline Fasteners has built a solid reputation for delivering high value products and services to its customers in Calgary and across the western Canadian market. The acquisition will not only broaden Fastener Warehouse’s geographical reach but also allow the company to leverage Ridgeline Fasteners’ established relationships with local industries.

Customers of both Fastener Warehouse and Ridgeline Fasteners can expect a seamless transition with no disruption to their current services. Fastener Warehouse is committed to maintaining the high standards of product quality, reliability, and customer support that both companies are known for.

As part of the acquisition, key members of the Ridgeline Fasteners team will join the Fastener Warehouse family, ensuring a smooth integration of operations. This collaborative effort will harness the collective strengths of both organizations to drive innovation and better serve the needs of customers across various industries.

About Fastener Warehouse:

Fastener Warehouse is a leading distributor of industrial fasteners, providing a comprehensive range of products to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Fastener Warehouse has established itself as a trusted partner in the fastener market.

For more information, please contact:

Eric von Doellen
Operations Manager
Fastener Warehouse
1-866-374-1199 Ext 253

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